Knep och knåp :)

Can __ get a minute and a couple of second of your time (Runaway)

I ______ everything but the girl (Everythig but the girl)

Is that why you call it money for ________ (Money for nothing)

Your name just seems ___ be the only word on every mouth (Laura)

And now it's too late, too late, too late to ____ I'm sorry (You're out of my life)

___ untraditional, one of a kind (Perfect)

I don't give a damn yeah ______ I stand (Everything you're not)

What can I do, to prove my love ___ true (Girl next door)

It's time for ______ fucking recognition (Microphone)

I'm going ______ x 2 (Flashback)

You started playing ______ (Karma)


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